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Recent Brush Ninja Updates

13 March 2018

Over the last few weeks I have updated Brush Ninja at least once a day. What follows are some of the highlights from the last few days.

New Tools

Previously there were brushes (which I have decided are now pens), and now we have shapes and lines. Simple geometric objects that make it quicker to do things that are hard to do by hand.

If you press the shift key on your keyboard whilst drawing with the geometric tools then they will be constrained in some way. The shapes will be restricted to square bounding boxes - so you can have perfect squares and circles. The lines will be restriced to 45 degree angles.

Keyboard shortcuts

I’ve added all sorts of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to use Brush Ninja. The ones I use the most currently are the number keys. These switch between the new tools. You can also use the n key to add a new frame, and backspace or delete to remove one.

You can see the full list of shortcuts on the help page.


Being able to undo recent changes is an important part of drawing apps. Just press ctrl+z or command+z and your last strokes will be undone.

Currently the undo system resets each time you change frame, and will only save the last 10 updates. This may change in the future.

There is also the ability to undo your current drawing operation before it’s commited. You can either right click or press escape whilst drawing and the action will be cancelled.

I’m aware that the undo system isn’t perfect - it doesn’t always update (and I’m not sure why) but it is better than not having undos at all.

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