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Emoji Art Updates

14 July 2022

Earlier this year I published some new apps, and my favorite is the Emoji Art one.

So - I have spent a bit of time making improvements to the app.

The biggest change (in my mind) is that I made it easier to share the emoji art you make. Now, as you create your artwork, the website url updates. The text in the page url refers to your image. If you share this url then other people will be able to view, and edit, the emoji image you created.

I’ve also added a ‘reset’ button which resets the image to it’s default state. You used to be able to refresh the page, but now that refreshing reloads the current image, this seemed like a useful addition.

I’m now wondering if there’s a way to make larger/ different shape emoji art images. 10x10 is great for sharing on Twitter but since you can now share the images directly on the site perhaps this isn’t so important?

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