Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Advertising on Brush Ninja

Brush Ninja is a free animation tool with a large educational following.

In order to keep Brush Ninja free I would like to sell advertising positions on the website.

Some Stats


Brush Ninja has a focus on privacy, it doesn’t use any tracking services or cookies. For analytics Brush Ninja uses Fathom Analytics, and the data is public.

Because of this I will add no tracking, and all links will be nofollowed. However the site analytics are public, and I am happy to use tracking parameters on your links so that you can measure the inbound visits.


I ask for $1000 USD a week for a nofollow link on every page of the site.

I ask for $1000 for a mention in the monthly newsletter.


Since many of the visitors to Brush Ninja are minors all adverts must be age appropriate and for age appropriate content.

## Book a slot

Please Contact me and we can discuss the details.