Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Brush Ninja Sponsorship

Brush Ninja is a free animation tool with a large educational following.

In order to keep Brush Ninja free I would like to sell sponsorship positions on the website.

Some Stats

You can view the website statistics here.


Brush Ninja has a focus on user privacy, it doesn’t use any tracking services or cookies. For analytics Brush Ninja uses Fathom Analytics, and the data is public.

Because of this I will add no page or user tracking, and all links will be nofollowed. However the site analytics are public, and I am happy to use UTM tracking parameters on your links so that you can measure the inbound visits.



Since many of the visitors to Brush Ninja are minors all adverts must be age appropriate and for age appropriate content.

Book a slot

Please Contact me and we can discuss the specifics.